Tuesday, May 13, 2014

side project: For the Makers' Soft Focus Collection


Recently, I made a couple projects from For the Makers' latest Soft Focus collection, which was released last month. For the Makers is a Brooklyn-based company that curates DIY fashion and design kits. This one was all about ombre and faded, spring friendly hues...using Kool Aid! Talk about accessible and inexpensive materials.

The Whitney Bracelet set was my favorite part of the set; silk cord, dyed with Kool Aid. Dainty and delicate.

The Andie Gem Necklace.

The Beau Hanging Planter + Heather Stationary ... reminds me of watercolors, which I happen to love working with.

Check out the Soft Focus Collection here, and the rest of For the Makers' collections right here! You can also follow FTM on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

Xo, Kirsten

FTC Disclaimer: 
The Soft Focus Collection was provided by For the Makers or review and consideration. All thoughts and comments are my own. Click here to read more information on my policies and procedures for sponsored posts and collaborations. 


  1. These DIY ideas are fabulous!

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