Thursday, April 10, 2014

in a new york minute: Burlap Rose Brooch by Rain Blanken

Rain Blanken here, your DIY Fashion expert over at and Kirsten and I often cross paths on social media, where fashion and craft inspiration abounds. When she challenged me to craft a New York Minute with the theme ‘flowers’, I had the perfect project in mind.

No matter how many times I do business in Manhattan, I always feel like a wild hillbilly given free-reign of the city.  Sometimes I just want to kick off my shoes and run barefoot down 5th Avenue… hey, it doesn’t happen; I’m just saying that I have the urge to. In that spirit, I created this rose pin, a bit of country-mouse-meets-city-mouse.

What You’ll Need:
·         Burlap
·         Lace or sheer material
·         Scissors
·         Glue
·         Felt
·         Needle & thread
·         Pin back
·         Small bead or jewel (optional)
Step 1:
Cut a 1 ½” strip of burlap. It should be at least 12” long for this size of rose. If you aren’t sure where to find burlap, look in the potato or even the coffee section of your grocer. Mine is a coffee bag!
Step 2:
Lay a strip of contrasting material on top of the burlap. This is actually some glitter green mesh leftover from a mermaid costume. Save those scraps! Make a tight knot at the end of your strips.

Step 3:
Fold the strips at a right angle to create a point. Fold them again about 1” from the first point. Repeat this folding pattern, spacing your points out more and more as you go around.  Be carefully not to simply curl or twist… your really want straight folds to create the rose dimensions.

Step 4:
Starting at the back of your rose, stitch through the layers with a needle & thread. This is where the knot comes in handy; stitch through to anchor the folds to the back of the knot to secure them.
Step 5:
Cut a round piece of felt to make a backing for your rose. Glue on the felt, and then a pin back. Add a jewel to the center of the rose, if you like.

If crafting is anything, it’s a safe way to channel my insanity. Now I’m all set to hoot & holler in the city without breaking any health & safety codes. Thanks so much, Kirsten, for challenging me to get crafty.

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