Monday, February 17, 2014

diy: Cut Out Denim Vest

If you've been following s&p for a while, you know denim vests - and jackets - are some of my favorite projects to work on. I actually have a roundup of 5 Denim Vest and Jacket projects, right here (I'll be updating it with additional tutorials within the coming months!).

They're such versatile garments - perfect for those lukewarm summer months, spring and autumn days, and layering in the winter. Most of my past denim vest/jacket tutorials involve fabric directly on top of the denim, so I figured...why not switch it around a bit? In this particular DIY, the cut out portion creates the look of fabric behind the denim, instead of on top. Even the most novice of seamstresses could do this! Check it out, right this way --


- Denim Vest
- Fabric Scissors
- Large Fabric Remnant (Your choice! I used plaid flannel from Jo-Ann's)
- Thread, Sewing Pins, Sewing Machine

1) Cut out a large rectangle from the back panel. Doesn't have to perfect!

2) Cut a rectangle from the fabric, adding an extra 1 inch (2.54 cm) all around. Pin in place.

3) Sew on all 4 sides. Here's a tip to quickly fray the raw edges: throw it in the wash!

I personally like the roughed up look the edges and fabric, but you an always trim away any flyaways and/or iron out certain sections.

Don't forget to check out that roundup of 5 Denim Vests and Jacket Projects!

Xo, Kirsten


  1. Very cool!! I can't wait to try it out for my viewers!

  2. I love this DIY you could change the feel of a denim jacket just by adding this fabric. A person could do floral to make it more feminine or maybe leather to add a polished touch. The tartan you picked made it perfectly edgy and the fraying on the edges completes the look of it. And to think how easy it really is! I did a DIY project were I took an old denim jacket ran to a hobby lobby (kind of like a joans) and looked in the sale section for some interesting trim. I found this brown and cream lace type cow pattern trim. It was very different that's what I loved about it. Than I put it down the seams on the arms and a couple other seams on the jacket and sewed them down. It is one of my new fave layering pieces. Like you said denim vest/jackets are the perfect versatile pieces.

  3. I put a fun spin on this. I added some studs around the collar. Be careful where you position them though, they might poke you. ;p


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