Thursday, February 6, 2014

diy: Brushed Color Block Skirt

For a short lady like myself, skirts that are high waist and over the knee help me feel not so tiny. I wish I could rock a maxi skirt, but I always feel like I'm disappearing into the ground. I can't be the only that feels this way!

Recently, I took a dark red scuba skirt and added an edgy, brushed bottom with fabric paint. It's one of those projects that you can make in an afternoon. In some spots, the paint looked quite shiny - making the black portion look a bit like leather. 

Keep on reading for the step-by-step! 

What I Used:

- Foam Paint Brush
- Black Fabric Paint (Black Acrylic Paint + Fabric Medium)
- Old Magazine Pages/Newspapers

And the how-to...

 1) Place old magazine or newspaper pages in between the layers of the skirt. This will prevent any paint from seeping through.

The BooHoo Katty Scuba Box Pleated Skirt that I used is actually pretty thick, so I probably could have gotten away without the pages. But I always like to be overly cautious, because you never know!

2) Prep your paint on a palette or the old pages. If you're using acrylic paint and fabric medium, mix accordingly to the fabric medium's suggestions. In my case, it was acrylic paint: fabric medium, 2:1.

3) Using the foam brush, apply paint at the bottom edge of the skirt.

4) Continue adding paint, working your way upwards. Drag the brush, and don't add more paint as you move up. Pressing the foam brush down will create the brushed look. Focus on adding more paint on the bottom, and less as you go up. It might take some practice, but don't worry too much - the nature of this project isn't very structured!

5) Continue along the skirt.

6) When one side is completely painted, let dry completely. If you'd like, you can fill in the spaces along the edge, to fully saturate the bottom (and further emphasizing the gradient to the top).

Once one side is dry, flip the skirt over and repeat!

New favorite. Berry shades and black are one of my favorite color combos!

Xo, Kirsten

FTC Disclaimer: 
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