Friday, December 20, 2013

instagram roundup: December 20, 2013

1) I'm still swooning over one of the latest s&p projects, the Stenciled Leather Jacket.
2) Absolutely in love with my most recent Etsy purchase, a Peruvian ring from Paint The Town Me (currently closed, but will re-open on 1/10!).
3) Another beanie with sweater fabric that I've had for years. They're so easy to make - click here for the tutorial that I posted last year.
4) Getting ideas out of my head and onto paper is the best way to clear my mind.
5) A Secret Santa gift for my friend, Caitlin. A scarf made of hand dyed jersey, striped fabric, a bandanna, chiffon, and lace + a necklace.
6) I've always believed that ordinary items can hold so much potential. This pendant was made from a key ring wrapped in embroidery thread. Added some spikes and a focal bead. You would never guess it's just a normal key ring!

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Xo, Kirsten

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  1. In love with that necklace made from the keyring! Such a good idea


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