Sunday, December 22, 2013

in a new york minute: 3D Metallic Diamonds by Smart N Snazzy

Okay, how brilliant are these?! Lia shared a project she found on her blog, Smart N Snazzy, and did a fantastic job recreating it and spreading some glittery, sparkly love. Love her pictures of how she made these 3D Metallic Diamonds. I will most definitely be making these - perhaps into a garland? I've been all about garlands lately. 

Thanks so much Lia, for sharing! You can visit her blog here, and become a fan of her Facebook fan page here. Follow her on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram!

Xo, Kirsten

About "in a new york minute":
 This feature invites fellow DIY bloggers to contribute a guest post & create a simple and quick project. The only rule? It must be fashion related, it must be made in 5 steps or less, and it must have to do with a specific theme that I provide. I always love seeing what they come up with! To check out past projects under this feature, click here


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