Monday, December 16, 2013

foodie moment: Cappuccino Gelato With Soy Hot Chocolate

Holiday drink recipes are my weakness. I totally realize we're in the middle of December, but my sweet tooth couldn't resist making this amazing drink concoction. I prepared some hot chocolate from scratch (soy milk over medium heat + chocolate chips) then added a generous scoop of cappuccino gelato. Once the hot liquid hit the mug, it started to melt the gelato - creating a swirl of amazingness. Next, I crushed a peppermint candy cane by placing it in a plastic baggie and hammering away with the bottom of a spare mug. The end result? A perfect topping for the perfect drink. Now I just need an ugly Christmas sweater, and we're good to go!

Xo, Kirsten 


  1. Oh, my! This has all of my favorite things—chocolate, peppermint and cappuccino! I am definitely trying this. I love festive drinks!

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