Tuesday, January 22, 2013

diy: Faux Ring Gloves

It's been a long while since I did a gloves project, so here's one for this winter! It's extremely quick and easy, but still very much quirky and cute. I used liquid gilding (by the Martha Stewart Craft line) and a rhinestone flat back to create the illusion of a ring. I'd recommend applying a layer of clear glaze or clear nail polish over the ring's "band", as the gilding will crack and flake over time due to natural and normal glove wear. It's still a fun project, nonetheless.

Here, I paired them with my favorite peacoat from H&M and a past s&p project, the Fur & Ribbon Scarf from 2 years ago.

See how I made the gloves, below! --

- Faux leather/leather gloves. I recently purchased mine at Target, on sale for about $11.
- Flat back rhinestone gem
- Strong craft glue such as E6000
- Thin soft bristled paintbrush 
- Liquid gilding
( I used Martha Stewart Crafts' Liquid Gilding in Gold, c/o Plaid Crafts. Copper and Silver are also available. You can purchase this at craft stores for about $7).

Be sure to read the FAQ regarding liquid gilding, here! There are tips on cleaning your brush after using gilding, as well.


 1) Choose a finger to create your "ring" on. Wipe the leather to remove any dust, etc. After mixing the liquid gilding, carefully paint the ring's band in your desired width. Let dry for at least an hour. To add a clear glaze or nail polish, do so at this point.


 2) Turn the glove over and continue painting the band on the reverse side. Let dry for at least an hour. Again, if you're adding a layer of clear glaze or nail polish (which I recommend), do so after it dries.

3) Glue the rhinestone. Let dry overnight.

Cute and simple. The best type of projects!


  1. So cute, and SO simple! I absolutely LOVE it!

  2. That's cute! Especially because I always have the dilemma of wearing gloves and no rings or wearing rings but my hands freeze!

  3. Oh that is so cute!


  4. that'e such a good idea :) great post xx

    Shannen | shann-mariee-dee.blogspot.ie

  5. This is such a good DIY - easy, cute and inexpensive to make. Also love that you paired it with your faux fur scarf. I posted two finished photos of your ring gloves with a link back to you on trueblue.

  6. It looks so lovely and elegant!

    xoxo Yanna

  7. Hipster. Nice but impractical, I think ;)

  8. that is such a cute idea!

  9. I would've never guessed that it wasn't a real ring! Such a cute and unique idea.

  10. Those gloves are amazing, they perfect colour!



  11. You look just great, very stylish, elegant and creative look, love the gloves too. As an animal lover myself, I'm also very happy that you're wearing faux fur. You can sure look cool, and be animal friendly at the same time. I wish more people would think like that. Congrats on your blog, Kirsten! :)


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