Thursday, November 22, 2012

diy: Thread Tassel Bracelet

In all senses of the word, this was a very spur of the moment project! A couple days ago, I was cleaning my work space and decided to whip up a tassel bracelet with some leftover embroidery thread. Of course this turned into making a million different versions, and when I posted a snapshot on Instagram, I thought about making a quick DIY for s&p. After a few readers requested a tutorial, I knew I had to! 

These bracelets are fun and easy to make. I think they'd be a great gift idea for the holidays, especially as a stocking stuffer. Within the next few weeks I'll be compiling a post of s&p projects that are ideal for gift giving, so stay tuned for that!

Check out the how-to below:



- Stretchy string
- Faux pearl beads (or any kind of beads, or even chain)
- Round nosed jewelry pliers
- Scissors
- Embroidery thread
I just used some leftover thread, but you'll need much less than 1 skein!
- A jump ring (I used a 10mm silver plated jump ring)

1) Place your fingers next to each other and wrap the thread around them, taking note of where the end of the thread is. This will be the bottom of the tassel.

2) Keep wrapping (not too loose, but it doesn't have to be that tight either). I did this anywhere from 8 to 11 times.

Make sure you have enough for about a 10 inch (25.4 cm) strand leftover:


3) Carefully slip the thread off your fingers, and tightly tie the extra strand around the top. This will form a loop.

4) Repeat several more times. I usually tie a tight knot, wrap the thread to other side of the tassel, tie another knot, and keep repeating until I've reached about 10 or so knots. Just to be safe!

 5) Cut the excess thread away.

 6) Cut a portion of the bottom to create an instant tassel. 

7) Using the pliers, insert a jump ring through the loop.

8) Create the bracelet with the stretchy string and beads of your choice, stringing on the tassel halfway through. I decided to make my tassel a little shorter, too.

Optional, but useful: place a dot of clear nail polish on the knot of the tassel. This will help further secure it.

Super easy, right? They're kind of addicting to make. I need to make a few more for the holidays!

For those of you who are in the U.S., Happy Thanksgiving from s&p :)


  1. This is such a cute little diy tutorial. I love it. Too bad I've been banned from buying crafting tools.

  2. I like these type of bracelets! I want to make some :)

  3. I have all of the supplies...totally going to make some! Hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving!


  4. Oh, those are so gourgeous! I'm relly going to make these this weekend! Thanks for the tutorial!

  5. Really cute and so easy to make for gifts. I also love tassels :)

  6. this looks great, love it!

  7. They look great very cute!

    I'm running a GIVEAWAY check it out hun!:)

  8. Ahh I put this tutorial in my Interwebs Inspiration post just now ^o^ I was happy to see your reply on my version of it on twitter! Thank-you!

  9. such a simple and great idea. def making some for xmas

  10. Lovely! I would use tassels for earrings and for my daughter's hair too.


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