Friday, November 30, 2012

diy: Sequin Stripe Sleeve Sweater

With the holidays on their way, you can never go wrong with a sparkly and fun sequin DIY. (But if you’re anything like me, sequins are welcome all year round!)

This is an easy way to give life to an old sweater or shirt. I used a Forever 21 sweater, which I actually found at the thrift store for $3. This color combo is pretty "year round friendly" – but for more holiday inspired options, try pairing gold, silver, or red sequins with black, tan, white or maroon sweaters. Either way, it would make a cute dinner party piece!

See how I made it below -- 


- Sweater or top of your choice

- Fabric glue
- Sequin trim (At least 1.5 – 2 yards, just to be safe!)
- Scissors
- Scrap cardboard
- Liquid seam sealant such as Fray Check, or clear nail polish (not shown) 

1) Cut the cardboard so that it is thin enough to fit through one sleeve. I ended up using two long pieces. Be sure to trim it if needed (width wise), because you don’t want the cardboard stretching out or ripping the sleeve.

Lay one sleeve out on a flat surface. Insert the cardboard piece(s) in the sleeve.


2) Using the sleeve as a guide, measure a length of sequin trim plus an extra half inch (1.27 cm) or so, just to be safe.

3) Seal off the edges with the Fray Check or clear nail polish. Let dry. 

4) Starting at the shoulder, add a line of fabric glue. Take care to not overdo the glue – a little will go a long way. Continue until you reach the end of the sleeve. 


5) I started over the shoulder seam, so that the sequins start more on my back. If you want, you can also start gluing it on the top of the actual shoulder.

Lay the sequin trim on top of the glue, and gently press down. 


6)  Let dry completely. Carefully remove the cardboard inserts, and repeat on the other sleeve.

I recently wore mine out to a casual dinner with some friends, along with a necklace I made (below). I love this sweater because it's half casual, half dressy - but can definitely be styled to look more fancy and put together.

(As for the necklace, I'm in the process of making a few to add to's inventory. Love the little moon charms!)

Enjoy and have an awesome weekend xo