Tuesday, November 20, 2012

diy: Galaxy Circle Scarf

I'm always looking for different ways to use up my scraps and remnants. I've altered, cut up and reconstructed a TON of t-shirts over the years, especially in your basic white and black. I whipped up this scarf using the black t-shirt remnants in my supply stash, and decided to photograph it for a quick and easy s&p DIY idea. If you're looking for a way to use up those scraps, this is always a possibility. Check out the how-to below:

- Old black t-shirts and/or remnants
(Or enough black jersey to sew a  90 inch long x 20 inch wide rectangle)
- Bleach
- Small spray bottle

You’ll also need:

- Scissors

- Black thread
- Sewing machine
- Newspaper or old magazines
- The outdoors


1) Fill the spray bottle with bleach, and lay the fabric outside on top of the old newspaper/magazines. Spray with bleach, as little or as much as you’d like. Let dry overnight.

The black jersey will turn anywhere from an orange-y red color to a light pinkish orange. It will all depend on the type of jersey, along with how worn in the fabric is. I used a remnants from a ton of different black t-shirts, so of course each piece ended up slightly different .

2) Trim and cut the fabric so that you have enough to create a 90 inch (228.6 cm) long rectangle. 

In the beginning, the scraps weren’t the same size, since I used remnants in odd shapes and sizes. When I cut them into rectangles, I focused on achieving the same width for each piece (20 in/50.8 cm). I kept cutting rectangles and lining them up, until I reached enough panels to line them up to be 90 inches long.

3) Pin two panels together, bleached sides facing each other. Sew along the pins.


4) Pin to the next panel, and sew. Continue until all the pieces are sewn together.


The "right" side of panels sewn together.

5) Fold in half, lengthwise (again – bleached sides facing each other). Pin along the long edge and sew.

6) Turn the "tube" inside out. At each end, fold the fabric in about 1 inch/2.54 cm, and pin. Sew along each edge. 


7) Take the two ends and pin them together, and sew to close up the scarf.

Circle scarves are always a fun and useful project to make. As long as you can sew in a straight line, you're good to go! The bleach is just one of many options, of course. If you use white jersey, you can create an ombre look with different dyes, or even experiment using a spray bottle as well. 


  1. definitely gonna do this tomorrow!

  2. This is so creative! I love how it turned out!

    The Lovely Memoir

  3. I absolutely LOVE this!!! I must try this!

  4. hi honey!!!
    such a wonderful style..I´m fall in love with it =P

  5. yay finally a a DIY on this! thank you!

  6. Omg I love this Kirsten! Such a great way to use scraps, and who doesn't love galaxy print?? Great job!
    Smart n Snazzy

  7. I love love love this!!!
    Will go with everything without ever being too much pattern. Perfect Scarf.
    You're amazing!

  8. Very cool!


  9. gorgeous diy and idea,love it! xoxo

  10. Love this - so cool! It adds great pattern without being too much - perfect!

  11. So creative!!!!!

    Arts & Fashion MIX

  12. Great idea! Definitely to try!:)


  13. Awesome tutorial! Love the print!

    If you’re interested. we have a bunch of styles of galaxy leggings on sale this week for $35-$45 at http://galaxylegs.com – just wanted to mention!

    Keep up the amazing work!

  14. love this!! awesome idea! Ive made alot of infinity scarfs but nothing like this ! how unique,.have to give it a try. Useing what you have and recycling even better!


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