Saturday, October 20, 2012

flirt catalog diy: Stamped Leather Jacket


Leather jackets, sweaters, boots, beanies...I love this time of the year! I have quite a few cold weather DIY's planned, and recently just finished spicing up this already fun Motorcycle Lace Jacket from Flirt Catalog. The technique that I used is a play off of the Stamped Geometric Jeans that I made a couple months ago. Keep reading to see how I made it!

 (Left Photo c/o


- Leather jacket
(I used the Motorcycle Lace Jacket c/o Flirt Catalog and Bollare)
- Acrylic paint
(I used Metallic Elegant Finish Acrylic Paint in Venetian Gold, c/o Deco Art)
- Empty spool
- Thick piece of foam (One sheet is about 99 cents at craft stores)
- Foam tape
- Scissors
- Sponge or foam paintbrush
- Marker or white gel pen, optional

1) From the foam, cut out a shape of your choice. You can use a marker or white gel pen to draw your shape first, if you prefer.

2) Attach the stamp to the spool with a piece of foam tape.

3) Apply fabric paint to the stamp, using the sponge.

4) Before starting, I placed a notepad under the lapel for support.

5) Press the stamp onto the lapel, repeating in your desired pattern. 

This jacket is already pretty edgy, but the gold diamonds add an even edgier touch!

Of course, you don't have to use a diamond for your stamp...there's always triangles, circles, squares, hearts - you can even go all out do something like leaves, flowers, or a silhouette of an animal. Enjoy xo 


  1. Love it! That looks so good.

    <3 Melissa

  2. love it! so cool!

    doing a giveaway on my blog!

  3. Wow that jacket is stunning!

    Emma x

  4. It looks amazing, I love the gold diamond print!

    Ciara x

  5. This is suchhhh a good idea :) x

  6. This is great! Your ideas are always so brilliant. Might just have to go attack my wardrobe with some gold paint =)
    Nikki Joy x

  7. I love how the stamped print makes the jacket so fierce.
    keep on with the good work.

  8. I own that Mackage jacket from a few years back. Gotta say, it's been worth every penny. Buttery leather, thick lining, and construction you just can't argue with.


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