Thursday, September 13, 2012

s&p diy: Gift Wrap Clutch

Recently, Midori Ribbon sent me some of their gorgeous gift wrap to use in a project. Their gift wraps are made from 100% recycled cotton fiber, and is definitely not your ordinary wrapping paper! I chose this Perfume print in white; very antique-y, and I loved the gold accents. I knew I wanted to try using it in a fashion project, so I made this large clutch with some clear vinyl and a long zipper.

Before I even started it, I knew the methods used would wrinkle the gift wrap. Even though it's made from recycled cotton, it's still paper after all. I decided that I actually liked this wrinkling concept, especially with the vintage chic design. See how I made it below :)


- Clear vinyl
(this can be purchased at Wal-Mart, Home Depot, & even by the yard in fabric stores)
- One sheet of Midori Ribbon recycled cotton gift wrap
(c/o Midori Ribbon. I used this Small White Perfume print!)
- Long zipper
- Ruler, scissors, thread & sewing machine
- Paper cutter (optional, but recommended)

1) Using both the scissors and the paper cutter (for the shorter sides), trim the gift wrap. I trimmed one sheet of gift wrap to 16 inches wide x 44 inches long. This can be smaller or larger depending on your desired clutch size.

2) Cut a piece of vinyl that is the same exact size.

3) Lay the vinyl on top of the paper, and carefully pin them together. I only used about 5 pins total all around, just to hold them together while I sewed.

4) Sew all around the perimeter. Do this slowly; the clear vinyl is naturally a bit 'sticky' and can be tricky to sew!

5) On either the top or bottom edge of your vinyl/paper rectangle, line up the front side of the zipper to the front side of the vinyl. Determine where you need to trim your zipper (if needed) - I had to trim just a little bit, as you can see in the second photo above.

6) If you do need to trim the zipper, cut off the excess and add a few stitches to the end.

Pin the zipper to the vinyl (again, front side of the zipper facing the front side of the vinyl).

7) Sew.

8) With the front side of the vinyl facing inwards, fold up the other end of the rectangle and pin to the zipper.

You'll end up with something like this.

9) Sew together.

10) You'll be left with a rectangle that is open on both the right and left sides. Add pins down one side of the clutch. Sew to close it up.

Before you sew up the other side, here's a little trick: Open up the zipper just a bit. This way, when you completely sew up the second side, you'll be able to push open the zipper even further and then turn the entire thing right side out.

11) Finish off the clutch and the last side together.

Turn right side out. This can also be a little tricky, because the vinyl will be sticking together. It's totally doable though! Just need to patient :)

12) Add a pendant to the zipper, if you'd like!

I'm happy with how mine turned out. It's the perfect size, and I adore the print. I'm planning on covering some canvases with the rest of the gift wrap sheets for some easy, pretty home decor.

I took my new clutch out for it's first run today. It was more than big enough for my essentials - my wallet (Kate Spade), my phone (in a case also by Kate Spade), my MARC by Marc Jacobs sunnies, my fave Nars lipgloss, and a few other necessities. Love!

FTC Disclaimer:
The gift wrap used in this project was sent by Midori Ribbon for use in a project. Thank you so much, Midori!


  1. So cute and easy! I've sewn clear vinyl with fabric but I've never thought of sewing it with paper. Great idea! :-)

  2. love this !

  3. great idea and great clutch!

    xoxo milla

  4. You have so nice blog : ) pretty pictures and you're pretty too :) ♥!

  5. how cute!
    i love your shirt too!!!

  6. So sweet really..
    The print of the bag is simply adorable and the way it is been taught to make is very descriptive...useful tool really..thanks

  7. Are you going to allow the world around you to change while you remain stagnant? Make this the time you throw away old habits that have hindered your happiness and success and finally allow your greatest self to flourish.

  8. Hi Loving this! I recently bought some personalised wrapping paper for a friend at They have some great personalised wrapping paper designs, the one I chose allowed me to upload a picture of my friend. This is a great way to combine the two and make it even more personal with Christmas coming up. Thanks for the help! :)

  9. If you put a piece of scotch tape on your presser foot while sewing pvc or vinyl, it slides like a dream- no sticking!

  10. If you put a piece of scotch tape on your presser foot while sewing pvc or vinyl, it slides like a dream- no sticking!

  11. If you put a piece of scotch tape on your presser foot while sewing pvc or vinyl, it slides like a dream- no sticking!

  12. wow this looks great!
    I really wanna try this out

    thanks for sharing :)


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