Wednesday, April 4, 2012

diy: Rhinestone and Bow ID Case

When I was younger, I used to adore Hello Kitty. Today, I might be (almost) in my mid-20's, but I still love her just as much. It's one of those things that keeps life fun and cute...especially when you have to start growing up. We all know gets life super stressful sometimes, so I think it's always nice to have something not-so-serious around. (This is coming from a girl who takes notes for graduate classes in bright green gel pens. Might as well make it fun!).

I recently made an ID case, inspired by Hello Kitty. I kind of like that it isn't exactly Hello Kitty, but her bow is iconic enough to stand on its own. It was inspired by this card holder by Swarosvki:

Photo Credit:, $195

Of course, my version wasn't made out of Swarovski crystals. I spent less than $10 to make this...much less than the original! Check out how I made it below:


- Large plastic flatbacked bow*
- Plain ID case
(...or an ID case with a decal that can be removed, like mine.)
- Rhinestone trim
- Super glue/E6000
- Scissors and jewelry pliers
- Rhinestone flat gem (optional)

*I bought mine from Etsy. It's about 2 inches wide. You can also use an actual ribbon bow, or an applique.

The rhinestone trim I used was from Michael's. It was fairly inexpensive - a couple of dollars - and even has adhesive on the back. It's essentially like one long sticker. Of course, it's up to you if you'd like to spend a little extra and buy really nice, more expensive rhinestone trim. There's a lot of options at fabric and trimming stores, like!

1) I bought this ID case on sale at The Icing a few months ago. It was in the bargain bin, so it was probably around $2-3. I had this project on my mind for a while, so when I saw that the decal could be peeled off, I knew it would be perfect.

 Using the pliers, I lifted up a corner of the decal and carefully peeled it off. If your ID case is just a flat surface, then you can just skip to the next step.

2) I cut the rhinestone trim to fit into the width of the ID case. Because the trim is fairly wide (1.25 inches), two strips was just enough. Each strip was about 3.25 inches long. Obviously, this might differ depending on the width of your trim.

 3) I peeled off the adhesive backing, and glued the trim to the case. Pressing down will help for extra security.

4) Next, I glued on the bow, then let it dry overnight.

My roll of rhinestone trim had just enough for two ID cases...which is awesome, considering I had been planning on making 2 anyway. One for myself, and one for my friend Kat! We happen to feed into each other's Hello Kitty obsessions :)



  1. Ahhh too cute! The only DIY thing I've done is cut up my shirts and jeans. Now you make me want to throw pearls and studs on everything.

  2. Waooo..Love this easy & beautiful idea :)

  3. wirklich tolle Idee :)

  4. It's just very very cute: ) I am a big fan of Hello kitty but I also need to get older... This one is hello kitty but no to much!

  5. i love love love Hello Kitty, and apparently so do all the women in Paris! I see stuff with this red bow on it eeeeverywhere, but this has got to be my most favorite HK-inspired DIY yet!

  6. SO CUTE. Totally looks like somethi g that people would buy. Wish I had rhinestone trim haha and a need for an ID case ;)

  7. adorable case, thanks for sharing

  8. This is just lovely. I still adore Hello Kitty in fact :)

  9. This is just too cute!
    Lovely ideas as always.
    Bisous xx

  10. This is so cute I love hello kitty!

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  12. wow this is so innovative and cute!!! i love it!!

  13. Hi beautiful!

    I think that this post is really interesting...and i love ur pictures! do u want to follow each other? I'm already following u!

    xx from

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  15. Im glad im not the only 20ish girl who is still into Hello Kitty

  16. This is so COOL! I'm a HK fan for life and this is something I need. You've inspired me! Looking for the bow and id case NOW

    xo Stephanie

  17. Great idea, this looks super chic!

  18. Wow that's great! :) I love it!

    Love, Anja
    Please stop by and follow my blog if you like ;)

  19. very attractive design for a case! looks like hello kitty!

  20. It's been said so many times, but I'll say it again: this is so cute! I really like things that look quite serious until you see an unexpected detail like that bow.

  21. Where can you find a ID holder with that indent?


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