Monday, February 21, 2011

diy: Watercolor Petal Necklace (Lanvin Inspired)

This totally reminds me of spring and warm weather and sunshine - all of which I would love right now! It was inspired by this Lanvin Ribbon & Pearl Drop necklace below; it’s also $450.


I instantly thought of the fake flowers I used when I made a hair fascinator and birdcage veil for my friend’s wedding last year (click here for pictures here, under “Weddings”!)…I also happen to love watercolors, so I thought this would be the perfect chance to combine craft and art.


- White faux flower*
- Watercolor paints; student grade is fine
- Paintbrush
- Pearls, or whatever beads you would like
- Headpins, if needed
- Jump rings
- Long piece of chain
- Clasp, if needed
- Jewelry pliers & scissors
- Paper towels

*I took this picture after I plucked away at the first few layers of petals. The bottom/bigger petals can be easily made into a second necklace!

1) Take apart the flower, and decide which petals you want to work with. I ended up using 9 of the top/smaller petals.

2) Paint the petals! Don’t be afraid to mix colors. I love the gradients that can be made with watercolors. TIP: Don’t use too much water. Try painting the entire petal with a light wash of color, then gradually work on adding more saturated color. Your hands WILL get paint on them, so keep those paper towels on hand.

I happen to love all shades of blue - especially turquoise - so I went for a similar shade of the original. Deeper blues on top with some green blended in towards the bottom. I wanted something similar, not exact, so the watercolors are perfect to control the colors and shades I used.

3) Let dry, at least for an hour or two.

4) Carefully pierce holes on top of the petals. I used the blunt end of a sewing needle. Attach the jump rings, then attach to the chain. Add a clasp if needed; I made this one long enough so that it doesn't need a clasp.

5) Instead of pearls, I used connector gems. But it’s totally up to you as to what beads you use.

Just like the last DIY, I spent $0 since I already had all the supplies, but a faux flower will probably cost you about $2-3 at your local craft store!

Xo, Kirsten



  1. Cute! I love it and will be adding it to my list of S and P projects to make :)

  2. I LOVEEE this! I may have to try this out!

  3. GORGEOUS! So flirty for springtime :)

  4. omg!!! you're amazinggg... i love your blog!

    if you give me permission, i'll link your blog under DIY blogs in my link page..
    let me know :D


  5. I'm in loveee with this necklace. I want to try it ASAP! And I'm so excited to have you sponsoring me this coming month! We'll definitely have to keep collaborating in the future :)

  6. I think your version is 10x better than the $450 version! It's such a beautiful color.

  7. oh my! this is a MUST! i'm excited! :]

  8. I LOVE how the watercolor turned out! Amaze!

  9. This is beautiful! I like yours way way better than the Nordstrom one :) It just seems a happier!

  10. I can't believe the original one is $450... yours is so much nicer!!


  11. Wow, I like yours better than the necklace that originally inspired you! Very gorgeous

  12. your so creative!
    love the necklace,
    I'm going try it, love it.

  13. very creative my dear!!!! OMG!!! now I have a new DIY place to barge into and a new inspiration...yey!!!

    thanks for the comment and will be back for more...DIY!!!!


  14. Love this necklace. I absolutely love this brilliant DIY!!!

    happy Monday!


  15. i'm so excited to try this out. I dont paint much but that wont stop me. aaaw... cant wait

  16. i love love this . im gonna try thi over the weekend. i love thi blog. now following.visit mine . ive done a diy too

  17. That's really pretty!!

  18. it looks very nice!! great idea!! i like it!!

  19. To be honest I think your version looks a million times better than the nordstrom one, I would buy yours in a heartbeat - it's sooo pretty!

  20. So very pretty! I saw this on Carly's blog (Chic Steals)... Lovely!

  21. What a super tutorial! You`ve inspired me to check out the silk flower section of my local craft store! Thanks for sharing. I will feature and link in a future blog post so others can come visit.

  22. Where did you purchase the connector gems?

  23. I got them at Michael's, but I'm sure you can find similar pieces on Ebay or Etsy.


  24. That looks like it was a blast to make Kirsten, I love it! Thanks so much for adding this to the One Pretty Thing Flickr pool, I'll be linking in the next Jewelry Roundup.

  25. Nordstrom should be ashamed of themselves, their petals look like the flower hasn't been watered in days! Whereas your petals are crisp, fresh and utterly genius. I love your project!

  26. Wow! & your one looks so much cuter than the original.. :D I feel like making a pair of water colour petal earrings.. :)

  27. This is so pretty. I like yours better than the one you based it on

  28. SUPER!!!

  29. hi im a 13 year old guy and ive owned a jewelry bussiness for 3 years now and ive been very seccussful. Ive just been invited to a art festival. im going to make my twist on ths necklace with earings to match. last year i entered jewelry and i was 1 point away from getting a best of catergory. wish me luck!
    P.S i agree yours is much brighter but is hard to commpare they are to diffornt types of jewelry.

  30. oh my godd i love ur creativity! you're my new idol, am definitely gonna try and make that necklace! x

  31. I love this but how the the paint not rub off on your shirt? Is there anything you can seal the petals with?

  32. Hi, very well done, It's such a beautiful color. thanks for the post.
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  33. i like your version more! nice work! :) lisa

  34. How creative and unique!!

    Lovely idea.

  35. Honestly, yours is MUCH prettier than the Lanvin version. Oh SO MUCH prettier.

  36. lovely, but how do you keep the paint from coming off during wearing? won't the water colours come off if the wearer perspires?

  37. Its more beautiful than the other necklace for 450,
    I love your proyect!
    greatings form Denmark

  38. I like your's waaaay better, actually! I featured this necklace in my blog with a collection of trends that are inspired by watercolors. (If not posted today, it should be there tomorrow)

    Great work!


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