Wednesday, December 15, 2010

DIY for Embellished Gloves

My latest fashion DIY for was just posted on their website! Embellished Gloves, using studs or buttons. Check it out below or here along with comments and thoughts from WHT readers:


• Studs (or buttons)…it’s up to you!
• 1 pair of simple gloves *
• Pliers, scissors, needle, thread
Fray Check – optional

*The gloves in this tutorial were $1 a pair at A.C. Moore. I thought I would need two pairs but ended up only using one!

1) Cut out a small rectangle at the base of each glove. Make sure you FLIP ONE OF THEM OVER, so that they are mirror images of each other! Otherwise you’ll have your embellishments on the wrong side on one of your gloves.

Start off with a small rectangle at first, then cut more if desired. You can always try them on and figure out where you’d like your embellishments.

2) Using the rectangle you just cut out, cut 2 or 3 strips. (If you’d like, sew around the 3 edges of your glove – or use Fray Check – to prevent unwraveling). Position the strips at either a criss cross (if you have 2) or in a horizontal row (if you have 3).

3) Stud down or sew each button

4) Trim away any excess thread. Clean up any little issues with a spot of sewing or more Fray Check. And you’re done!


• Use crystal or pearl buttons for a pair of gloves perfect for a holiday party.

Brass or wood buttons will give a more natural, boho look.

• Use two pairs of different colored gloves, and alternate the fabric strips with the other pair to make two pairs that are embellished AND multicolored.

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  1. Lovely tutorial! I am wondering if this would work with fleece gloves too?

  2. Genius...
    I love you blog! great head
    besos desde Chile
    visit me

  3. these soooo would be priceless at the store!! lol
    i <3 the diy's...we have like the same mind!! i totally love using paperclips and brads and whatever i can find to make haut stuff like double rings and headbands etc. omg i will so try to do tutorials seeing how cool it is to inspire people to create <3

  4. this is a fabulous DIY!!! I'm gonna make these soon!! xoxo Julieta

  5. Great info! I recently came across your blog and have been reading along.

  6. I never known crystal or pearl could be used this way....
    My baby girl will love making you Embellished Gloves.
    We love love love you too,


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