Thursday, November 20, 2014

book highlight + giveaway: Beautiful Bracelets by Hand by Jane Gedeon

Ever since I published my own DIY book, I've developed a new appreciation for fellow crafty authors. I've truly experienced all of the hard work and planning that goes into producing a book; it really is a labor of love! That's why I'm very excited to share an upcoming release by Jane Gedeon of We Dream in Colour, titled Beautiful Bracelets by Hand: Seventy Five One-of-a-Kind Baubles, Bangles and Other Wrist Adornments You Can Make At Home (Page Street Publishing, 2014). Set to be released on December 9, this publication is nothing short of gorgeous. I even took on one of the projects, and picked out a few of my favorites to share.

Pictured here are my own silver versions of the Geometry Bangles. You can find the full tutorial in this post.

The 75 projects are categorized by type of material, raanging from chain to leather to plastic to wood. There's something for everyone.

I also particularly loved the watercolor headings and backgrounds.

Gold flakes suspended in a bangle? LOVE. I'm adding this to my (extremely long) to-do list!

As for those Geometry Bangles - keep reading to learn how to make your own set, plus a chance to win your very own copy of Beautiful Bracelets by Hand!

a dash of inspiration: Saint Laurent, Finds, Free People, Aurélie Biderman



Saint Laurent Studded Cotton Jersey Sweatshirt, $1250

right: Finds + Moxham Snipe gold-plated and leather necklace, $170 (Net-a-Porter)


left: Iron-on studs or rhinestones + iron + cotton jersey sweatshirt. Easy! And for much less.

right: Using a leather hole puncher, create two holes at each end of a leather strip. Fold the ends around heavy duty clasps, and secure with a pronged stud. Attach the hooks to jump rings and a strand of chunky metal beads. This is definitely going on my to-do list! 



Free People Nordic Nights Jacket, $498 (Free People)

right: Aurélie Biderman Gold-plated and cotton bracelet, $330 (Net-a-Porter)


left: After spotting this, I'm now on the hunt for the perfect faux fur jacket to make my own DIY version! Add an array of flat back studs and leather remnants using stitching and/or E6000/fabric glue. Can't wait to try this one.

right: Wrap thread and wire around a plain bangle for a design inspired by this high-end piece.

Xo, Kirsten

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

side project: Odds & Ends

Some moody baubles made with leftover supplies. 

Xo, Kirsten

eHow diy: Braided Leather & Chain Bracelet

The first project ever posted at Studs & Pearls was the Braided Chain Bracelet - made with curb chain and embroidery thread. I have such a soft spot for it! One of my latest eHow projects is a variation of that tutorial; instead of using embroidery thread, I used scrap leather for an offbeat look.

Check out the tutorial over at eHow right here... Haruka Sakaguchi also took the lovely photos for this one!

Xo, Kirsten

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

diy: Lattice Tote Bag

While I typically opt for hands-free purses (crossbodies and backpacks, please!) - when I do use a shoulder or hand bag, it's almost always a canvas tote. Not only are they study as heck, but they're quite roomy. I love to use mine for grocery shopping (see ya, plastic) or running errands. And of course, plain canvas tote bags are the perfect - well, canvas - for customization. In this week's project, I used some basic grosgrain ribbon to create an eye-catching lattice layer on a simple tote. See how I made it, below!


- Large Canvas Tote Bag
- Grosgrain Ribbon (Lots of it! The exact amount will depend on the size of your tote bag. I recommend buying more than you think you need, just to be safe. Width & color is up to you.)
- Fabric Glue
- Iron-On/Flat Back Studs (I used 14)
- Strong Craft Glue (Such as E6000)
- Fabric Scissors

1) Cut 4 strands of ribbon to be placed diagonally across the tote bag, + 1-2 inches (2.54 - 5.08 centimeters) on each end. I'd recommend laying the ribbon across the tote bag before cutting to ensure that the strand is long enough.

2) Add a thin line of fabric glue directly to the tote bag, under each strand of ribbon.

3) Pat down gently to secure. Repeat with Steps 2 and 3 with each strand of ribbon.

4) Cut 4 more strands, to be placed diagonally/opposite of the initial 4.

5) Add fabric glue.

6) If you'd like, add iron-on/flat back studs where the ribbons cross. I recommend adhering them using glue (like E6000); I'm not quite sure what heat would do to the fabric glue underneath the ribbon (if anything at all!) - so I used glue just to be safe.

7) Using the fabric scissors, trim the ribbon ends along the edge of the tote bag. Let the glue dry overnight.

Makes a pretty awesome visual, doesn't it?

Paired here with the Black Rib Cage Sweater by Fashion Forward Knits (c/o 9th & Elm) - plus the Leather Sleeved Denim Jacket DIY from a few years ago. Still one of my most worn projects to date.

How rad is the sequin rib cage?! This sweater would make a great layering piece throughout every season.


Tutorial Photos: Kirsten Nunez for Studs & Pearls
Street Style Photos: Haruka Sakaguchi (The Denizen Co.) for Studs & Pearls

Xo, Kirsten